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Millie Herndon
Trinity Presbyterian School

When we want to define how powerful an object is, we assign it “horsepower”. One junior at Trinity Presbyterian School has harnessed the power of the horse in pursuit of her equestrian dreams — that’s what we call “girl power”. Early in their partnership Millie and her horse, Whoops, accomplished significant achievements. For instance, in 2016 they earned 9th place in the Zone 4 United States Hunter Jumper Association’s (USHJA) Horse of the Year Championship in a matter of six qualifying competitions. To put this in perspective, the 8th place competitor earned as many points in twenty-six competitions! Millie and Whoops are currently ranked 2nd in the prestigious Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) standings whose Championships are held in the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C; and 8th in the North American League (NAL) whose Championships are held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. These rankings include a recent 1st Place finishes in the $1,500 WIHS/NAL Children’s Jumper Classic outside of Atlanta and at the Gulfport Winter Classic in Gulfport, Mississippi. Both organizations take the top 30 horse and rider combinations. The duo also are currently ranked 2nd in Zone 4 of the USHJA and are on their way to earning a spot on a team to compete in a Nation’s Cup style format to be held in Culpepper, Virginia. Millie also volunteers for “Changing Leads” — a non-profit organization that retrains off-the-track Thoroughbreds for second careers. She is a member of the National Honor Society, President of the Latin Club and a member of the Key Club. A love for writing as well as riding inspires her website and blogspot www.millieequestrian.com.



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