RRL Power Kids Jackson Cole


Eastwood Christian School

Jackson Cole may be on his way to Hollywood without being aware of it. While staying on top of his class academically this young entrepreneur has his own professional production company, RJC Productions (his films can be viewed on YouTube). After participating with a mission trip through his church, Christ Church, he produced a short film entitled “Mission Uganda 2016.” This video opened doors for him to produce short promotional videos for non-profit organizations. As a 10th Grader Cole has been developing his passion for filmography for the past five years and gives credit to his parents for “giving me the financial support necessary for the purchasing of equipment, as well as other marketing needs.”

Jackson has finds it a challenge to balance the school work with writing, shooting, editing and producing films. “If the two are not balanced, one of the two sides will start to fall behind.” Ironically, Jackson manages to be just as productive even when he finds time to unwind from the stresses of balancing schoolwork and filmmaking. Jackson spends his free time using his graphic design skills to create websites, business cards or other custom marketing material for clients.


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