RRL Power Kids Clifford ‘Ford” Wayne Cleveland III


Clifford ‘Ford” Wayne Cleveland III
The Montgomery Academy

Clifford has done so much, won so many awards, participated in so many activities and he has a list of honors trailing like clouds across the horizon.

You could start with the 15 or16 Extracurricular Activities he’s lead or managed ranging all the way from captain of the football team to Future Business Leaders of America to the lead role in one of the seven Montgomery Academy Theatre productions in which he’s participated.

Moving on to the 6 or 7 Academic Honors you will find him in the Magnum Cum Laude Honor Society as well as in the Advanced Placement Scholar with Distinction. Pausing for a moment at the Extracurricular Honors Desk he’s there as the Outstanding Statesman Award winner while being elected Youth Governor of Alabama. But, acquiring accolades for himself is not all that’s important to Ford, he is one of only eleven students selected to participate in Montgomery Academy’s Philanthropy 101 program. As part of his Community Service he’s been a part of Bridge Builders as well as the Teen Volunteer at Baptist South Hospital while helping out with the Nellie Burge Community Center for Battered Women.


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