RRL Power Kids Colton Alter


St. James School

At St James School the one person everyone listens to and feels welcomed by is Colton Alter. He has been blessed by the golden touch of humor and a smile that never wavers. He maintains an extraordinary academic record which keeps him at the head of the class. But his main focus has been in the human relations field, pushing him towards the needy and the vulnerable. Having learned the value of serving in the community and giving of himself to others, he has taken on the mentoring of a younger student. And on a wider range he is helping raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project, the soldiers who are still suffering from war wounds. Already his life seems turning towards the solution of problems of those both close and distant.

Colton is not one to sit idly and let life pass him by, even taking the natural stress of maintaining academic success and turning it into a challenge: “If I am not stressed even a little bit about school I am doing one of two things wrong. One, I am not caring enough. Two, I have not created an academically vigorous schedule.”

However, Colton does acknowledge that even the most organized and disciplined student needs a break. For that he turns to exercise or his dogs, “When I am stressed with ‘life’ in general, they are my sunshine.”



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